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File FMA Machinga Chidenga-Mangulu-Nsanama Block
A management plan to facilitate community management of forests and access to forest resources on public and customary land
File FMA Machinga Chikwakwata-Nyama-Mangaka Block
A management plan to facilitate community management of forests and access to forest resources on public and customary land
File Climate Change Adaptation Best Practices
A compilation of selected adaptation best practices from the interventions implemented by different stakeholders in various districts declared vulnerable
File Likely Impacts of Climate on Water Availability
A case study of adverse climate change impacts on water availability, agriculture production and food security
File PERFORM Gender Analysis and Plan
A gender analyses for the PERFORM project
File Agricultural Research Master Plan 1995
A five year plan to guide planning and execution of research programmes for the development of agriculture in Malawi
File Agriculture Sector Wide Approach (ASWAp)
A brief presentation on the ASWAp
File Agro-Processing Policy Review 2002
A review on the national agro-processing policy
File Brief Summary of Policies and Strategies in the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation 2002
A presentation on the policies and strategies in the agriculture sector
File Environment Management Bill 2013
A bill to make provision for the protection and management of the environment and the conservation and sustainable utilization of natural resources
File Environmental Policy 2004
The policy recommends a set of actions that should be taken in order to redress the aggravating environmental degradation and facilitate sustainable ...
File Fertilizer Act 2003
An act to protect consumer and persons selling fertilizer in Malawi by assuring that all fertiliser sold or offered for sale in Malawi is in compliance with ...
File Food Security Policy 2006
National Food security Policy
File Malawi Agricultural Sector Wide Approach
The ASWAp is a single comprehensive programme and budget framework that has a formalized process for better donor coordination and harmonization of investment ...
File National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2006
This NBSAP outlines the status of the various biodiversity resources in Malawi and stipulates strategies and actions necessary to ensure the management and ...
File National Environmental Action Plan Vol I 1994
An analysis of major environmental issues and measures to alleviate them, promote sustainable use of natural resources in Malawi, and to develop an ...
File National Fertilizer Strategy 2007
This document identifies key issues affecting adoption and utilization of fertilizer technologies
File National Land Resources Management Policy and Strategy 2000
Policy and strategy on national land resources management
File New Agriculture Policy- A Strategic Agenda for Addressing Economic Development and Food Security in Malawi 2005
Outlines the actions to be implemented by the institution and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector in an effort to create ‘a nation with sustainable ...
File Progress Report on National Climate Change Investment Plan Development
A presentation on the status of National Climate Change Investment Plan development
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