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Active Participation of Communities In Management of Mwanza River Catchment for Sustainable Livelihoods: Community Economic Improvement


Mwanza is among the districts well known for tomatoes and tangerines as well as other leguminous products. Nevertheless, Mwanza farmers face market challenges for these agricultural products. On top of market accessibility challenges, farmers face price challenges because they are not organized into associations or cooperatives and therefore fail to negotiate favorable prices or carry out market assessment to determine where they can find lucrative markets for their crops. These challenges are compounded by poor or a lack of extension services in the area. In additional to marketing challenges, Mwanza has not been spared with heavy environmental and natural resources degradation as well as their vulnerability to climate change effects such as dry spells. For instance in the 2010/2011 season, a total of 4,027 households were affected and needed food support due to dry spells after the first rains in 2010 which affected the critical stages of maize growth.

  • Marketing Programme Of Tangerines For The 2012 Harvesting Season In Mwanza District
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