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Civil Society Engagement in Environmental Policy Processes

Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy (CEPA) with financial support from the Tilitonse Fund is implementing a 3 year project titled ‘Civil Society Engagement in Environmental Policy Processes’. The project commenced in October 2012 and is expected to phase out in September, 2015. The project‘s goal is to ensure that Environmental governance in Malawi is more inclusive and accountable.

The project concept was developed on the premise that civil society is strategically positioned to promote social inclusion because of interface with grassroots and flexible approaches to delivery of interventions. This provides the opportunity for identifying and responding to peoples’ needs. In addition, there is an increasing recognition that civil society organizations (CSOs) engagement in policy processes and informed advocacy can lead to greater pro-poor impacts and contribute towards holding governments accountable. Civil society engagement in policy processes has the potential to lead to improved well-being and empowerment of vulnerable groups and communities by providing a voice for the marginalized society.



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